Fusskraft Blue - Dry Rough Skin


Gehwol Fusskraft Blue contains ingredients that moisturize, revitalize tired feet, reduces foot odour and itching between the toes. The natural essential oils of mountain pine, lavender and rosemary along with invigorating camphor and cooling menthol relieve sore, aching feet immediately. Natural and skin friendly lipids such as lanolin, aloe Vera and urea care for dry, rough skin on the feet, restoring its elasticity, suppleness and smoothness.

How to use

Massage 1-2 cm of the cream into the feet daily - including between the toes.

  • Provide dry, rough skin with the needed care to restore skin elasticity.
  • Prevents foot odor, infections, and fungi.

Skin friendly emollient emulsion, lanolin, glycerin, aloe vera, urea, oil of rosemary, oil of mountain pine, lavender oil, camphor, menthol, farnesol, climbazole