Developed to find relief from the painful conditions of ingrown toenails, calluses and corns, Gehwol Fluid acts by softening thickened and irritated skin on the feet. Using the power of bisabolol derived from the German chamomile flower along with clove oil, thymol from the oil of common thyme and eugenol extracted from a number of spices, this effective liquid penetrates the bumps and rough areas of the foot and toes. Once the fluid penetrates it begins to soften and loosen the dead, dried skin.

How to use

Apply on bumps and rough areas of the foot and wait for 30 seconds to penetrate

  • Softens nails and makes them more flexible, helping to prevent them from growing inward.
  • Softens hard skin beneath the nail and in the nail fold, so that it can be easily removed without pain.
  • Disinfecting properties prevents inflammation and sooth irritable skin.

Clove Oil