Bio-Élita Fresh Cils Express Eye Make-up Remover


Infinitely silky, and soothing, Fresh Cils decongests and moisturizes the delicate eye area as it eliminates all types of make-up, even waterproof mascara. Enriched with hydro-soothing flower extracts, its mild formula is suitable for the most sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers and can also be used on the lips.

How to use

Shake well to mix. Soak a cotton pad with the product then apply as a compress for several seconds onto the eyes that are closed. Slide gently downward to completely remove makeup.

  • Instantly eliminates any kind of makeup, even waterproof
  • Restores hydration around the eyes for immediate comfort

Volatile Oils, Cornflower and White Lily Extracts, Aquaxyl™, Hyaluronic Acid