Age Logic Eye Cream


Guinot Age Logic Youth Firming Eye Cream rejuvenates the skin, diminishes wrinkles and crow's feet, tones, and "lifts" the eye lids. This revitalizing eye cream combines energy-filled biological molecule (ATP) and the cellular life concentrate that deprograms cellular aging around the eye contour and eyelids. IT is based on a complex of scientifically-advanced ingredients that stimulate cells that have become sluggish over time. ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a biological factor that supplies energy to cells, and Actinergie, an agent that supports cellular oxygenation, work synergistically to help boost cell oxygen consumption and metabolism-stimulating cells that have become sluggish over time in the eye contour area. 

How to use
  • Apply gently to eye area after thoroughly cleansing the face.
  • Use morning and evening.
  • Tones the skin around the eyes.
  • Smooths wrinkles and crow's feet.
  • Lifts eyelids, firms, brightens.
  • Boosts cell oxygen consumption.
  • Creates renewed cellular activity around eye area.
  • Vitamin C, E & Dermostimulines - free-radical fighting antioxidants.
  • Anti-Glycation Agents - Promote elasticity, firmness.
  • Mafane Extract - Rapidly smoothes wrinkles that cause crow's feet.
  • Hydrocyte Complex - Complex of sugars to restore moisture in skin.
  • Cellular Life Concentrate - Guinot's signature powerful cocktail of 17 Vitamins, 21 Amino Acids and 16 Biological Ingredients that regenerate skin and aid in healing.