Collagen Boost+ -5C° Moisture Jelly Mask


Formulated with Pearl Powder, the secret beauty weapon of Wu Zetian, the one and only female emperor in the Chinese history used to beautify her skin. Pearl Powder has been used in the Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to beautify skin for thousands of years, and it is proven to have many skin benefits due to its rich amino acid, minerals and calcium content founded in modern day science.

The unique formulation of our Collagen Boost+ -5C° Moisture Jelly Mask, has the ability to vaccum high content of essential amino acids founded from pearl extract into our skin's cells, helping our skin's cells to regenerate, heal and promote collagen production much faster. This medical-grade hydro jelly mask is also an excellent formula for reducing the look of pigmentation, acne scars and to even out your skin tone while keeping it moisted.

Designed for aging, pigmented and sagging skin. Feel and see the firming, tightening and brightening effect with just one use.

Formulated in Vancouver

Made in Korea