CellECTIVE CellLift Cream (cellular)


The ultra revitalizing, restructuring and densifying cellular cream - and advanced cellular technology!

Endowed with an extremely high cellular concentration and brimming with ultra-efficient ingredients acting in perfect syumbiosis, CellEctive CellLift Cream is the ultimate in anti-aging cellular skin care.

How to use

Combine the application of CellEctive CellLift Cream with that of the CellEctive CellLift Serum and or the Cellcosmet Easlto-Collagen XT.

For women:
- From age 50 as a daily treatment all year round
- For women from age 40 as an occasional treatment several times a year or on a daily basis in line with the skin’s needs
- At certain times of the year, particularly in spring and summer.
- Suits all skin types, including sensitive skin.
- Specially suitable for combination to oily skin or for the summer period.


Its anti-gravity and anti-aging effects are multiple and immediately visible after the first application and intensify day after day. With 30% stabilized bio-integral cells which is at the same concentrate level as the Cellcosmet UltraCell, the cream injects vital energy to the skin.


Active Ingredients:
- Active stabilised bio-integral cells: intensively revitalising, rebalancing.
- Exclusive Expert Hyaluron Complex: immediate smoothing, plumping and intensely hydrating action. Forms a supportive mesh.
- Hyaluronsilanol Complex: densifies, intensely hydrates* and protects the skin.
- Volufill Complex: restores volume and harmony to the face, boosts wrinkle reduction and firms the cutaneous structure.
- Ferméclat Peptide Complex: maintains skin firmness and reveals a brighter complexion.
- Extract of Corn: regenerates and restructures skin tissue, redensifies the skin.
- Nutritive peptide Complex: nourishes the skin and tones skin tissue.
- Vitamin C: neutralises the oxidant action of free radicals and evens out skin tone.
- NAG (a natural amino sugar): smoothes the skin’s surface with its micro-exfoliating action and evens out skin texture.