Youth Vitality Reviving Activating Serum Mask (5-piece)


Youth vitality reviving activating series developed for the age of mid-20s adds various skin-caring extracts to offer lasting anti-ageing effect, keeping skin young, glowing and plumping.

How To Use

Apply mask on clean face for 10-20mins, then remove mask and gently massage remaining essence to absorb. Use once to twice weekly.

  • Newly added 7-time soothing and hydrating ingredients joint with adenosine to penetrate deep into skin and hydrate, effectively softening lines and firming for lifted contour.
  • Special oriental detox complex derived from various herbal plants helps reduce the effects from air pollutants and UV lights on skin, improving dullness and evening skin tone to reveal glow.
  • Natural fibre material carries abundant precious essences and fits onto skin comfortably to densely soothe and repair, enhancing shine and softness for a smooth and refined appearance.
  • 7-time Soothing and Hydrating Ingredients:Hydrating and retaining moisture
  • Adenosine :Softening lines and firming
  • Oriental Detox Complex :Mitigating environmental disturbances to skin