Youth Vitality Ageless Eye Mask (5-piece)


This eye mask combines core skincare ingredients, including precious plant extracts, specialized brightening agents, Oriental Tea Complex, longan extract, and betaine, to help firm, moisturize, and revitalize the delicate skin around the eyes, revealing a more radiant and youthful appearance.

How To Use

Place the mask on the eye area and adjust to fit snugly. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Remove the mask and pat in any remaining serum.

  • The brand utilizes advanced extraction technology to obtain precious plant extracts, combined with specialized brightening agents, to nourish and strengthen the eye area while maintaining its elasticity and moisture.
  • The Oriental Tea Complex, infused with various herbal ingredients, helps reduce the impact of free radicals on the eye area, improve oxidation, and address issues of dryness, dullness, and dark circles.
  • The key ingredient, euphoria longan extract, along with betaine, helps repair and soften the skin texture, bringing a radiant glow to the eye contour.
  • The eye mask is made of fine fiber material, fitting the skin around the eyes, featuring a specially designed shape that covers both the eye area and cheeks, providing a comfortable and skin-friendly experience.
    • Golden Ginseng: Nourishes, strengthens, and maintains elasticity and moisture in the eye area.
    • Oriental Tea Complex: Helps reduce the impact of free radicals, improving oxidation in the eye area.
    • Euphoria Longan Extract, Betaine: Helps repair and soften the skin texture, revealing a radiant glow around the eyes.