Snow Glow Essence Mask (5-piece)


A piece of mask equals to the ingredients of a bottle of serum. Made with 100% Japanese fiber, it can perfectly cover the entire face, to help the skin to become translucent, brighter and moisturized again, effectively enhances the skins regeneration ability.

How To Use

1) Apply mask sheet after normal cleansing.

2) Leave in place for 20 minutes.

3) Remove mask sheet and pat skin gently with fingertips to ensure full absorption.


Morus alba bark extract, centella Asiatica extract: to help brightening; whitening and improving the dull skin and stain problems.

west indian cherry extract: rich in Vitamin C; has the antioxidant effect and enhances the effectiveness of skin elasticity.

broussonetia papyrifera extract: with moisturizing and water locking functions, helps to maintain young and full skin.