Shampoo SL [Sleek]


Controls the moisture balance of your hair and scalp for smooth, glossy hair

  • The perfect shampoo for hair that is sensitive to texture.
  • It leads to shiny hair that is easy to run through.
  • Lavender and vetiver scent.

The newly reborn "enu"

``enu'' is a brand that supports a positive and lively lifestyle by alleviating hair and skin concerns and also improving your mental condition.
Aiming for beauty not only on the outside but also on the inside, the brand has been reborn as a brand that is even closer to their lifestyles, targeting women who have a gentle and soft impression yet have a dignified strength.

enu common features

■Mechanism and easy-to-understand item selection to address hair problems Focusing on
the cause of women's hair and scalp problems: "deterioration of barrier function due to dryness."
A unique moisture barrier formula that helps restore natural hair.

■Hair care products are formulated with rare essential oil-based scents
(more than 82% shampoos and 85% treatments) and are formulated with natural ingredients (more than 82% shampoos, more than 85% treatments), and with the addition of essential oil-based scents, you can expect an aromatic effect.
The three scents will fill your hair and mind with peace of mind.

FL/CA: Uplifting pink pepper and lime scent
CR/SL/BM: Healing lavender and vetiver scent
MD: Citrus herbal woody scent that gives you a feeling of effectiveness

■Environmentally friendly product packaging
By using FSC certified paper and biomass raw materials (adhesive), we have realized an environmentally friendly package.

    Finish by series

    FL: For those who do not have volume in their hair
    CA: For those whose hair is not manageable
    CR: For those whose hair is hard
    SL: For those who have bad texture
    MD: For those who have problems with their scalp

    BM: For those who want to eliminate discomfort at the ends of their hair