Royal Beelift Age Profect Moisturizing Mask


【La Estephe Royal Beelift Age Profect Moisturizing Mask】(28g x 6PCS)

Tackling ageing skin from within by the repairing power of European Black Bee! Enriched with Bee Lift Complex and moisturizing factors, skin is revitalized with this mask, leaving skin lifted, softened and nourished!

How To Use

After cleansing and toning in the morning and evening, spread the mask on the face for 15 minutes and then remove it. Gently massage the remaining essence until absorbed.

  • Young Skin: Bee Lift Complex is composed with royal Jelly, honey and bee venom peptide, activating the power to support and lifting skin, leaving skin more youthful.
  • Double Moisturizing: containing small and middle-sized molecules of sodium hyaluronate, different layers of skin are nourished with abundant moisture.
  • Penetrating Mask Material: made with plant fiber, the wrap is tight on skin. Pores are opened under micro pressure, which allows thorough penetration of the essence.

Bee Lift Complex: promoting collagen production and skin elasticity