Intensive Vitamin C Cream


Rejuvenate maturing skin with Institut Esthederm's Intensif Vitamine C Cream, an anti-aging formula designed to target wrinkles and pigment spots.

Infused with two stable derivatives of Vitamin C, the cream targets two specific signs of ageing whilst combatting free radicals to keep skin healthy and protected. Addressing wrinkles and discoloration, the formula enhances collagen synthesis which helps to strengthen support fibres and slow down the pigmentation process.

How to use

Apply in the morning and/or evening, on the face, the neck and the décolleté. For optimal result, use in a 2 months cure.


Skin appears firmer, smoother and brighter with a more uniform tone.


Vitamin C - Antioxidant; improves radiance, elasticity; boosts collagen production.