Homme Vitality Recharge Essence in Lotion


An all-in-one essence which simplifies the modern man’s daily skin care routine.The non-sticky formula contains nourishing properties revitalizing the skin with energetic complexion.

How To Use

After washing your face or shaving, take an appropriate amount and spread the lotion gently for absorption. Massage with fingertips.

  • The non-sticky texture is enriched with Golden Ginseng, Euphoria Longan Extract, Panthenol, Allantoin and Trehalose to anti-aging and moisture skin.
  • In addition to nourishing the skin, it can also be used as after-shave.
    • Golden Ginseng Extract - Moisturizes and maintains skin elasticity
    • Oriental Detox Complex - Mitigates the harmfulness of heavy metals, air pollutants, and Ultraviolet rays to the skin; improves dullness and evens skin tone
    • Longan Extract - Refines and softens fine lines
    • Panthenol - Soothing, Repairing and Hydrating
    • Allantoin - Soften skin and Pore care
    • Trehalose - Moisturizing and Strengthening skin barrier