Homme Vitality Daily Cleanser


A deluxe ginseng cleansing foam for men with skin-nourishing effects.Purifies pollutants from the external environment and restores moisture and cleanliness to the skin.

How To Use

Take an appropriate amount and lather with water until foamy bubbles form. Massage over the face with light circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with water.

  • With rich and soft foam that transforms into soft bubbles and allows for fast absorption.
  • Infused with Oriental Complex to reduce harm from pollution; and plant extracts, such as Long Extract and Beeswax, to sooth and soften skin after cleansing.
    • Golden Ginseng Extract - Moisturizes and maintains skin elasticity
    • Oriental Detox Complex - Mitigates the harmfulness of heavy metals, air pollutants, and Ultraviolet rays to the skin; improves dullness and evens skin tone
    • Longan Extract - Refines and softens fine lines
    • Beeswax Extract - Powerful moisture-locking, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory
    • Glycerin - Providing natural moisture to the skin