Eyeshadow Brush

This short, round, dense eye brush is made of synthetic fibers. Perfect for eye make-up, it can be used for applying all types of eyeshadow and producing an effortlessly even and intense look over the entire eyelid or more specific areas. Also softens eye liner.

How To Use
  1. Dip brush into loose powder or swirl over compact.
  2. Tap off excess product.
  3. Sweep across the lid to apply all-over color, using the edge to shape.
  4. Sweep into the crease to contour the eye.
  5. Glide across eyeliner for a smudgy effect.

Clean the brush using a mild cleanser once a week.

  • Smooth eyeshadow application
  • Dense, rounded brush for shaping and smudging
  • Ultra-soft synthetic fibers
  • Sustainably-sourced birch handle