Desquacrem Forte Microderm


Reinforced action! Desquacrem Forte digests fatty excretions, enzymatically emulsifying oily impurities, comedones (blackheads) and milia (hard waxy deposits) that accumulate deeper in the tissues in a pH balanced formulation that deeply cleanses the skin without the skin feeling stripped, allowing more efficient penetration of serums and treatment creams. 

Tips: Gommage Exfoliant or Micro Gel peeling used prior to the application of Desquacrem Forte deep biological cleanser increases the efficiency of both products on all skin types. 

How to use

Using a small amount only (1/2 ml or a peanut size) disperse Desquacrem Forte with wet fingertips over the entire face and neck area and massage for one minute with brisk circular action. Then allow to penetrate for 3 minutes before re-emulsifying with wet fingertips and light massage movements to bring the product out of the skin, rinsing off several times until the skin feels free of the product. 

Tips: Use Desquacrem Forte 2 x week on normal/combination skin and 3 x week on oily/congested skin.

  • Clarifies blemished and acne-prone skin
  • Unclogs pores
  • Freshens the complexion
  • Refines and smooths uneven skin texture
  • Prevents the build up of comedones and congestion
  • Gyp­sophila ex­tract – Mild detergent.
  • Lipoaminoacids – mild cleansers Mild cleanse.
  • Mi­cro-grains of rice – Mechanical action.
  • Sal­i­cylic acid 2% – To remove dead cells, purify the pores and promote skin radiance.