Cellular Matrix Mask


La Colline enhances its anti-wrinkle line with Cellular Matrix Mask for instant and long-lasting plumping effect.

This anti-wrinkle youthful mask re-plumps instantly and restores the skin, leaving it looking smoother with less visible wrinkles and fine lines.

How to use

Apply a fine layer on your face after a thorough cleansing ritual with either La Colline Bio Peel or Exfoliator for the best prepping of skin prior using the Matrix mask. Then apply the Matrix mask for 15 minutes, then use cotton pad to wipe it off. Occasionally you can leave it as a overnight mask. After wiping  follow by La Colline softening lotion, serum and moisturizer. 


Re-Builds the extracellular matrix to plump skin, re-densify, and smooth lines.


CMAge Complex/Ceramides/Mother-of-Pearl particles