Cellular Boosting Solution


The new formula uses the upgraded exclusive BCC+ formula to utilize 5 major skin muscle factors for an instant injection of high-energy oxygen, high-efficiency firmness and moisturization. These can accelerate cell metabolism and tender skin glow as the ATP energy is 4 times higher than the original formula and the oxygenation capacity is increased by 1.7 times.

How to use

Every morning and evening after cleansing and toning, apply evenly on face and neck. Skin is now well prepared for the Suisse Programme skincare regimen, ready for a lifting and brightening boost.

  • Regain the light radiance: Main aims at fighting against the dull skin, gives back your beautiful moisturizing skin!
  • Activation of cell absorption capacity: The composition of the Triple Action Boosting Complex effectively helps anti-inflammatory, dissolving aging skin and also strengthen the skin absorption ability of nutrients, well prepared for the skincare routine afterwards.
  • Instant replenishment and water-lock: The Triple Moisturizing formula helps delivering water, water locking and water storage, the skin is no longer dull and dark, it is bright and full from the inside out.

Biodynamic Cellular Complex: Delivers oxygen to the deepest layers of the dermis to accelerate cellular renewal, enhances skin’s vitality and elasticity.  Triple Moisture Infusing Complex: Provides long hours of hydration to skin, allergy due to dryness and dehydration is reduced as well.  Triple Action Boosting Complex: Resists free radicals and inflammatory, also dissolves the dead skin cells. By providing stronger absorption of skincare nutrients, skin is kept completely relaxed.