Cell White White Protector


This fluid combines the brightening action of vitamin C with the anti-oxidizing power of Artemisia. UVA/UVB sunscreen join forces with the anti-aging CMAge Complex to help the skin withstand the external stress factors that exacerbate cutaneous aging. White Protector leaves skin supple and radiant, while instantly lightening dark spots with its reflecting pigments.  

*This is not a suncare product.

How to use

It should be applied after thorough cleansing in the morning. It should also be used at any time during the day to keep the skin fresh and smooth and enhance UV protection. It is recommended to reuse it in the pigmentation area.

  • Slows the formation of melanin and whitens skin
  • Provides excellent UV protection for the skin and resists the cause of premature aging of the skin
  • Fresh and refreshing, fully protects skin from urban pollution

Cell regeneration complex CMA, whitening factor (bearberry, vitamin C), UVA and UVB per-oxidation and sweet myrrh