Bust Beauty Lotion


This pleasant, non-oily treatment contains special plant extracts that work naturally to create the appearance of firmer, more toned, and lifted skin in the triangle shaped area that extends from the base of the breasts up to the chin, where firmness and tone may be compromised. 

How to use

Apply from the base of the breasts up to the chin, concentrating on the area of skin between the base of the breasts and the neck. 

  • Restores density and firmness.
  • Nourishes and leaves the skin satiny soft, smooths and tightens up the skin’s texture.

Key Ingredients: Vu Sua Extract supports natural collagen production, creates the appearance of a firmer bra area, protects against free radical damage; Centella Asiatica supports natural collagen production, soothes and protects skin; Bocoa offers natural firming benefits; Pomegranate naturally tightens skin and refines and enhances texture appearance; Vitamin B5 and Sunflower Phospholipids moisturize and nourish skin.