Bakuchiol Multi Balm


Intensive care for all wrinkles with sticks. Wrinkle care for the eyes, smile, forehead, neck, lips, and jawline.

Made in Korea

How To Use

Apply after basic makeup such as around the eyes, mouth, smile, forehead, neck, lips, and jawline that are prone to wrinkles.


Reduce wrinkles and fine lines on neck, forehead, eye and around mouth areas.
Healthy glow on skins all day long.


Key Ingredients

  • Bakuchiol: It is a beneficial substance for wrinkle improvement and whitening, such as antioxidant, and is similar to retinol, which promotes collagen, but with higher performance.
  • Alpha - Bisabolol: Functional component for whitening / Excellent soothing impact and whitening functional ingredient
  • Adenosine: When applied to the skin. It is known to have high stability and durability as an amino acid-based protein component. it has an anti-inflammatory impact and aids in the alleviation of problems.