Hydracontinue 12H Moisturizing Flash Gel


This refreshing gel infuses skin with moisturizing agents from morning until night with an "anti-thirst" cosmetic formula, a real moisturizing bath for the skin.

It offers a multitude of uses:

  • For us who are always in a hurry
  • Applied under facial cream for purists in skin care
  • Blended with facial cream for fans of customization
  • Blended with foundation for makeup touch
  • Ultra-soft gel texture is suitable for all skin types
How to use
  • Apply gel to cleansed face and neck alone or mixed with other products.
  • Helps skin attract and maintain optimal moisture.
  • Prevents dehydration with protective film.
  • Keeps skin supple and soft.
  • Smooth, refreshing texture.
  • Energizing scent.
  • Weaving Algae - Restructures skin's water reserves for optimal dispersion into epidermis while preventing evaporation to keep skin hydrated.
  • Hydra-8 Complex - Attracts moisture and forms a protective film over skin to seal in hydration.