Shifeon. Who are we?

If you're looking for that rare, discontinued or unusual beauty product, you may find it on our shelves at Shifeon.

Our goal is to sourcing everything our customers desire and provide the best customer service. We carry a variety of different beauty products ranging from BB cream, eye lid tape, false eyelashes, adhesive nail art, and much more. We also offer spa/facial treatments which you can find more information here . In addition to all these product and services we also carry exquisite handmade Japanese, Korean, Malaysian and Singaporean accessories.

Our Stores

Shifeon has two locations in Vancouver, the Robson Street mainstay and another at Lansdowne Centre.

Robson Street

1291 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1C2
(604) 688-3291

Lansdowne Centre

610- 5300 No 3 Rd
Richmond, BC V6X 2X9
(604) 263-0708