[Year Of The Tiger Edition] Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Cream


The tiger is a symbol of good luck and strength.

In collaboration with fashion designer Angel Chen, this limited edition design fuses traditional tiger imagery with contemporary elements to celebrate strength, courage, and beauty for Lunar New Year.

How To Use
  • Smooth evenly over face each morning and evening, after cleansing and softening.

The culmination of 150 years of Japanese skincare innovation, NEW Ultimune face serum delivers 2x skin‘s defense** with ImuGenerationRED Technology™. Vital flowing nutrients are fed to the skin, visibly reducing signs of aging, amplifying hydration, and boosting radiance in 3 days*.

  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Improves hydration
  • Boosts radiance in 3 days*
  • Enhances the efficacy of other skincare products
  • Winner of 200 global beauty awards
  • Dermatologist-tested. Non-comedogenic.

*Based on questionnaire test on 104 women.
**Based on the improvement of moisture-retention rate and transepidermal water ross

  • KURENAI-TruLift Complex with Benibana flower strengthens skin and delivers a visibly lifted appearance.
  • ReNeura Technology++ features Phytoconnect, helps prolong the efficacy of the treatment.
  • VP8 Technology helps defend skin with 5 targeted ingredients, including olive root, tea, and angelica root extracts, helps visibly correct and prevent further signs of aging.