White Flash - White Intensive Treatment (5 week cure)


The prestigious WHITE FLASH White Intensive Treatment wields its action gradually. Consisting of three crucial steps - preparing the skin, brightening the complexion and reducing spots - it delivers powerful lightening effects against dark spots and unsightly pigmentation defects. Rid of its dark spots, the complexion is perfectly even.

Contents: 5/4 bottles/jars

How to use

STEP #1 Morning and evening apply 6 drops of White Starter on the entire face and neck. STEP #2 Apply White Activator Serum twice daily over the entire face and neck. STEP #3 Apply White Intensifier as the final step over the White Activator Serum morning and evening.


Eliminates dead cells and pigments, stimulated cellular regeneration, clarifies the complexion, and limits the development of melanin and lipofuscin. 


WHITE STARTER Lactic Acid, Salycilic Acid, Glycolic Acid WHITE ACTIVATOR Vitamin C, Zinc PCA, CMAge Complex WHITE INTENSIFIER Lux-Factor, CMAge Complex