Vitamin Shower Filter


Soo Beauté Vitamin Shower Filter - Lavender / Rose / Lemon (150g / each)

  • The filter element has passed multiple tests and proved to be safe and effective
  • Contains 43000mg vitamin C more than 800 lemons, after mixing with tap water, it can remove residual chlorine in tap water
  • Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that helps restore skin suppleness and elasticity
  • Different aroma filters can be changed according to mood
  • The bathroom is full of fragrance when bathing to increase bathing pleasure

How long can each Vitamin Shower Filter last?
Approximately 7200L/30-45 days for a family of 4 people. The use time of Vitamin Shower Filter varies according to the frequency of use, number of people, water consumption, water pressure, and water temperature.

Do not drink the water filtered by Vitamin Shower Filter.
It is recommended to use Vitamin Shower Filter immediately after opening.
ON/OFF switch type shower head is not suitable to use with Vitamin Shower Filter.
Please confirm the direction of the product before installation. Wrong installation may reduce the water filtration function and shorten the product's use time.
The colour of the filter may change due to the vitamin C reaction, which does not affect the quality and can be used.


How To Use

Faucet installation method: Turn on the faucet and the connected pipe, install the fragrance filter at the outlet of the faucet, and twist the pipe on the other end. Make sure to tighten the filter to prevent water leakage.

Installation method of shower head: Twist the connection between the shower head and the shower hose, twist the fragrance filter element onto the shower head, and the other end onto the hose. Make sure to tighten the filter element to prevent water leakage.


  • Vitamin C: Remove residual chlorine and improve skin texture
  • Milk powder: make skin smooth
  • Tea Tree Essence: Soothing and anti-inflammatory
  • Cactus extract and trehalose: moisturize, prevent skin aging, increase skin moisture
  • Fragrance: Soothing and relaxing