UVC Sanitizing Wand


A compact and portable sanitizing wand using revolutionary UV-C LED technology.

UV-C disinfection technology are commonly used in hospitals, bacteriological research center, military and aerospace fields and clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including E-coli and more within 5 secs*.

Use The SWAND to sanitize deliveries, food take out, reusable masks, leather items, beddings, towels, elevator switch, furniture, automobile, gas pumps at gas station, restaurant utensils, children's toys, baby essentials, items that cannot be soaked in harsh chemicals and much more.

- Portable: Compact and Lightweight, comes with a travel pouch.
- Long Lasting Battery: One charge can last for 6 months and 14,400 secs of use.
- UV-C LED: Unlike traditionally UV-C lightbulbs, it omits Ozone formation, preventing respiration discomfort.

CE, ROHS and FCC certified.

IMPORTANT Avoid direct UV-C light contact on skin, pets or plants.

How To Use

1) Unlock Child-lock button on the side of the Swand, when power indicator turned green, it is ready to be used.
2) Continuously press the function key to activate, or double click to activate (When the device is activated, the indicator light will turn red).
3) Please turn on the child-lock button and place device into travel pouch after each use.

*Build-in safety switch will automatically turn off the device when device is 45 degree upward. Device cannot be turned on when its 180 degree upward, protecting your eyes from the UV-C light.

It can sanitize**:
- Leather made products
- Public Toilet Seats
- Computer Keyboards
- Elevator Switch
- Furniture
- Automobile
- Gas pumps at gas station
- Restaurant utensils
- Children's toys
- Babie's essentials
.......and much more.

**not limited to

Please note: It is recommended that you do not need to charge the battery for the first use until the battery is exhausted. Once battery has fully exhausted, you can charge it for 4 hours and continue to use it. This will help prolong and preserve The SWAND’s battery capacity.