Ultra Vital 24 Hours Cream


Face Intensively Revitalize. Cellcosmet Ultra Vital Special 24 Hour Intensive Cellular Skin Care Cream. Extremely concentrated in active stabilized bio-integral cells. Enriched with vitamins E and C to fight against free radicals.

How to use

Apply each morning to the face and neck with light massaging after an accurate cleansing and toning. To be used as a cure several times a year or all year long according to the biological needs of the skin.


- Helps prevent and repair effects of premature aging 
- Dramatically boosts cellular activity 
- Moisturizes and intensely nourishes skin 
- Rebalances natural functions and restores vitality 
- Creates a radiant, healthy-looking complexion
- Creates a radiant, healthy-looking complexion 
- Non-greasy, rich and smooth texture 
- Excellent makeup base 
- Hypoallergenic 
- Formulated to minimize risk of allergic reactions 
- Use day and night as an intensive treatment


- Active stabilised bio-integral cells: revitalising, rebalancing 
- Hydrolysed glycosaminoglycans: maintain the skin's firmness and elasticity
- Vitamins E and C: antioxidant, anti-free radicals