Ultra Violet Foot Recovery Mask


Softening, rejuvenating and moisturizing your feet with plant ingredients. The foot care product acts like a ‘face mask for feet’, the most convenient, non-messy and effective way to deliver nutrients and gentle skin replenishment.

How To Use

Thoroughly wash and dry feet. Take out and unfold the socks and wear them on your feet. Remove the socks after 20-30minutes and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the feet. No need to wash feet after use.

  • All-round nourishment: the essence in the mask is mess-free and easy to absorb, especially designed for dry and flakey ankles and nails.
  • Herbal care: enriched with lavender, violet and chamomile, it is soothing and gentle. In addition of almond and shea butter, this mask greatly hydrates feet and protects fragile nails.
  • Lavender, Violet, Chamomile: Relieving and smoothening skin
  • Sweet almonds, Shea butter and Argan oil: Well keeping moisture and refining the foot skin.