Triphasic Progressive Serum + Shampoo Set (Half-Cure)


In the case of progressive loss of volume, the hair cycles are shortened and the hair capital is depleted prematurely. The TRIPHASIC PROGRESSIVE formula, with 3 phases, acts on the 3 decisive factors of hair with sparse appearance (Hair nutrition, purification of the scalp, hair fortification) to reduce loss of volume and make hair more vigorous. 

The TRIPHASIC fortifying shampoo combines two high-efficiency redensifying ingredients, ATP and natural Pfaffia extract, with the invigorating powers of essential oil biospheres. Like an invitation to massage, the biospheres delicately burst under the fingers during application to release their precious powers. More resistant, the hair is easy to disentangle, soft and shiny. The hair capital is strengthened.

How to use

After shampooing, apply the whole of a small bottle, line by line, on a clean and damp scalp. Massage in circular movements, to make the product penetrate, using the exclusive stimulating massage tip.

Rinse the tip immediately after application.

Do not rinse. Suitable for sensitive scalps


From the 1st month, hair density increases and the scalp is less visible.