Total Eye Lift Collection


Three essentials for eyes: Total Eye Lift to provide a lift effect and replenish the eye contour, a 4D mascara for captivating lashes and an instant eye make-up remover.

($ 115.00 value)

This set contains:

  • Total Eye Lift  15 mL - Lift-Replenishing Eye Concentrate
  • Instant Eye Make-Up Remover 30 mL - Eye makeup remover for heavy or water-resistant makeup
  • Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D 3 mL - All-in-one, 4D mascara that takes lashes to bold new dimensions: visibly lengthened, curled, defined and volumized.
  • Removes makeup.
  • Visibly smoothes fine lines around the eyes.
  • Enhances lashes.