Snow Algae Youth Preserve Hydrating Mask


La Estephe Youth Preserve Hydrating Mask (28g X 6)

Restoring beauty of youth with this intensively firming mask, which helps improving skin condition with the resilient snow algae and the plumping polypeptides!

How To Use

After cleansing and toning in the morning and evening, spread the mask on the face for 15 minutes and then remove it. Gently massage the remaining essence until absorbed.

  • Enhancing skin resilience: enriched with snow algae, a plant grown in extreme environment, its resilience ability helps skin to gain strengths and fight against external stimuli.
  • Skin revitalizing: enriched with compound polypeptides, skin is boosted with elasticity and becoming firm and supple.
  • Nourishing: with addition of honey extract, which is rich in amino acids and vitamins, skin is nourished with nutrients and free from roughness and wrinkles.
  • Snow Algae: combating signs of ageing
  • Compound Polypeptide: promoting the synthesis of collagens and skin elasticity
  • Honey Extract: nourishing and reducing wrinkles.