Self-Tanning Instant Gel


This must-have award winning self tanner and beauty editor favorite, delivers a quick, streak-free, natural golden colour without sitting in the sun. A non-oily, lightweight gel, it's easy to apply and dries quickly, so no need to wait before getting dresssed. Formulated with unique plant extracts, your skin remains soft as colour develops. Apply occasionally for a subtle golden colour or apply more frequently for a deeper bronze colour. This long-lasting tanner is the perfect accessory for any season.

How to use

Exfoliate the night before for a more even result. Apply a small amount of tanner in light, sweeping motions, making sure to gently wipe knees, elbows and heels with a tissue as product can collect and turn darker in these areas. Wash hands thoroughly after use.


A self tanner for those in a rush! Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel is a non-oily, quick-drying formula that provides an instant honeyed glow with no need to wait around before dressing.

Within an hour, the tan will have deepened to a deep golden colour that is even and long-lasting, with added protection from early signs of ageing.

  • DHA and Erythrulose provide a natural-looking, long-lasting tan
  • Caramel, Cocoa extract and beauty-enhancing micro-pearls produce a beautiful bronze colour on contact
  • Aloe Vera extract softens and moisturises
  • Vitamin E helps protect the skin against free radicals and pollution