Nutri-Lumière Collection


For women in their 60s, this anti-aging skincare set meets the needs of mature skin that is lacking radiance. A day cream, a night cream and a lotion to nourish the skin and restore its radiance thanks to a powerful duo of active ingredients: organic flower extract and horse chestnut aescin. The skin is better nourished and regains its full radiance. The Hand and Nail Treatment Cream softens and comforts dry, cracked and sensitive hands.

$ 219.00 value

This set contains:

  • Nutri-Lumière Day 50mL - For women in their 60s, a luminous revitalizing cream for all skin types.  
  • Nutri-Lumière Treatment Essence 10 mL - Refining anti-aging lotion. 
  • Nutri-Lumière Night 15 mL - Intense restorative cream for all skin types. 
  • Hand and Nail Treatment Cream 30 mL - A moisturizer that softens, protects, hydrates, and strengthens your hands and nails.  
  • Large Holiday Pouch -  Large Clarins cosmetic pouch made from recycled fibers.
  • Revitalises.
  • Restores radiance.