Immunity Boost Antibacterial Aroma Mist - Clove + Cinnamon


The Green Envee Enhanced Anti-epidemic Series is based on the formula used in Europe to fight against the epidemic. It can help strengthen the body's resistance while inhibiting the growth of bacteria. This series mainly consists of five essential oils:

1) Clove essential oil-As early as in ancient times, people used the scent of clove to fight the plague, and it was gradually discovered that it can inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, so it can help the human body to reduce inflammation and antibacterial.

2) Lemon essential oil-promote blood circulation, help the microcirculation system, and enhance the body's immune system

3) Cinnamon essential oil-is a natural antibacterial agent that can boost the body’s immunity

4) Rosemary essential oil-is one of the first herbs used in medicine. When the flu broke out in early Europe, people burned rosemary in hospitals to kill bacteria.

5) Eucalyptus essential oil-known as the most natural breathing purifying gas, it has excellent antibacterial and antibacterial ability, and can relieve the symptoms of respiratory system such as rhinitis and nasal congestion.

How To Use

Spray directly on the parts in need, such as hands, to help kill bacteria in your hands. It can also be sprayed in the air to purify the air.