Hydra-Marine Serum


The first universal radiance serum by Thalgo that targets the loss of luminosity at its source. Its secret - a duo of high-performance ingredients: Lumisource helps reactivate the natural detoxification process while Skin-Protect delays the production of oxidised proteins that cause a dull complexion. Infused with Seve Bleue from the Oceans, the skin glows with a luminous radiance.

How to use

Apply Hydra-Marine Serum in the morning and/or evening before Hydra-Marine 24H Cream or Gel-Cream according to skin type. Used alone it provides immediate and deep hydration before your regular skin care cream and increases its effectiveness.

  • a miracle solution for lack of radiance
  • targets the loss of luminosity at its source
  • perfectly hydrated, soft and supple
  • complexion regains its original brightness and transparency

Seve Bleue - marine spring water drawn from the heart of the oceans, rich in trace elements and mineral salts
Hyalurophyline - stimulates the synthesis of epidermal hyaluronic acid, a natural sponge
Hydra-diffusing - stimulates the synthesis of aquaporins to activate the flow of water from the dermis to the epidermis