Heroine Make Voulme And Curl Mascara And Speedy Mascara Remover Set



  • Transparent, fragrance-free, pigment-free, preservative-free
  • Suitable for removing all kinds of mascara
  • Gentle texture, no irritation to the eyes
  • After cleaning, it can still maintain a slight shape in a short time!
  • Easily remove the waterproof mascara, no need, no hands, elegant and clean.
  • The long comb part can easily attach the removal liquid to each eyelash, and the short comb part can be applied to the agglomerated eyelashes.
  • Not easy to smudge, can be easily washed, does not irritate the eyes.
  • Add wild rose oil (moisturizing ingredients) and chamomile essence

Volume & Curl Mascara

Japanese COSME has been on the list for 3 consecutive years of popular mascara. At the same time as the lengthening, the density is not discounted at all. Tears, sweat, water, and sebum are effectively resisted, maintaining a curling curvature for a whole day, not easy to smudge, magnifying and stunning, the dense effect is increased by 130%, the adhesion is doubled, and the repeated brushing does not agglomerate with good durability. The thick brush head changed and became almost as thick as koji's mascara. The thick effect is not to feel that the eyelashes have become more, but on the basis of their own eyelashes, they become thicker, darker and more visible.