Glow Skin Jelly Mask Duo Sachet Travel Size


Beauty Botanics' signature -5C° Moisture Jelly Masks can be used alone or mixed as desired to achieve different results.

The unique formulation of our -5C° Moisture Jelly Mask is not just another mask, it is a bio-medical grade hydrogel that is high performance, it creates an osmotic pressure once its mixed with water to allow all the essences within the mask to vacuum into our skin's cells, unlike sheet masks, it does not suck out moisture from our skin, rather, it "presses" moisture into our skin.

Designed to satisfy modern beauty gurus who wants an instant, effective, professional and long-lasting results without abrasive damages. See the difference in just one use.

Formulated in Vancouver

Made in Korea

*All Beauty Botanics products are made with at least 99% natural ingredients and it does not go through animal testings.