Expert Youth Wrinkle Correction Cream


This high-tech cream's formula contains a complex of ingredients designed to optimize the function of skin stem cells and restore the skin's replenishing power. Signs of aging on the face are visibly reduced.

How to use
  • Apply morning and evening to a perfectly cleansed face and neck.
  • Fills wrinkles by recreating cellular substance.
  • Smoothes away wrinkles from within by plumping the skin's support tissue.
  • Acts on skin stem cells, experts in skin replenishment for optimal wrinkle correction.
  • Amazing results: look 8 years younger in 1 month*.
  1. SEASTEM Complex, a unique combination of Laminaria brown algae molecules obtained via a patented biotechnological process - Stimulates the stem cells, restoring their original capacity for division and protecting them from aging. Reactivates the proteins that allow the stem cells to adhere to the dermal-epidermal junction in order to leave their niche and move to the site that needs repair.
  2. Glasswort Oil - Helps increase the level of urea, a major component of the Natural Moisturizing Factor, in order to restore ideal hydration of the skin.
  3. Oligomer - A concentrate of 104 minerals and trace elements that give seawater its revitalizing and remineralizing properties, stimulating the vitality of skin cells and allowing optimal tissue reconstruction.