Cleansing Milk & Lotion Duo Hydra-Replenishing

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Esthederm Osmoclean Hydra-Replenishing Cleansing Milk

Comforts the skin for makeup removal with this cleansing milk.
The rich texture of a makeup-removing milk for replenished skin. Hydra-Replenishing Cleansing Milk gently releases the skin from impurities and makeup.
Alcohol free, colorless, fragrance free.

PROPERTIES of Osmoclean Hydra-Replenishing Cleansing Milk
Skin is deeply cleaned, fully relaxed and luciously revitalized.
Respects skin flora balance.

Gently cleans and rehydrates after makeup removal. Skin is left supple and ready for care.

400 ml bottle


Esthederm Osmoclean Hydra-Replenishing Fresh Lotion

Refined makeup removal and toned skin with this fresh lotion.
The Hydra-Replenishing Fresh Lotion refines your makeup removal through gentle action. It tones and hydrates your skin, leaving it feeling delicately fresh.
The gentle formula of the Hydra-Replenishing Fresh Lotion is free of alcohol, dye or fragrance, and can be used at any time day or evening.

PROPERTIES of Osmoclean Hydra-Replenishing Fresh Lotion
Tones without aggression and helps to maintain the ideal hydration rate.
Respects the balance of the cutaneous flora.

Replenished, fresh and soothed after makeup removal, skin is soft and comfortable.

400 ml bottle