Cleansing Milk & Lotion Duo Calming

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Esthederm Osmoclean Calming Cleansing Milk

A makeup-removing milk that calms reactions from sensitive skin.
For the most sensitive of skins, cleaning is often uncomfortable. Therefore, the Institut Esthederm has developed a makeup removal milk that respects this fragility and changes day by day any hyper-sensitivity using a specific desensitizing complex.

PROPERTIES of Esthederm Osmoclean Calming Cleansing Milk
Gradually, this very gentle cleansing milk allows even the most sensitive of skins to enjoy the pleasure of cleansing. Respects the skin flora balance. No alcohol, dyes or fragrance.

Gently cleans and rehydrates after makeup removal. Skin is left supple and ready for care.

400 ml bottle


Esthederm Osmoclean Acohol Free Calming Lotion 

A gentle formula for optimal tolerance with this Alcohol Free Calming Lotion.
For sensitive skin, the calming lotion is a delicate treat. It completes makeup removal by gradually reducing skin reactivity.

PROPERTIES of Esthederm Osmoclean Acohol Free Calming Lotion 
This ultra-gentle treatment also re-educates the skin in terms of tolerance. It is ideal as a final step in removing makeup, but can also be used are pre-care for sensitive skin. It is free of alcohol, dye and fragrance, and provides instant gentleness morning and evening.

Skin is immediately and lastingly comfortable. Redness disappears and complexion is more uniform.

400 ml bottle