With lipolytic precursor agent and 100% natural essential oils

  • Removes dead cells
  • Thoroughly cleanses skin
  • Favors cellular regeneration
  • Optimizes skin's receptivity
  • Encourages better oxygenation of the epidermal tissues
  • Lipolytic precursor: helps stimulate fat degradation’s system
  • Smooths and harmonizes the texture of the skin
  • Softens the skin, leaving a satin smooth texture
  • Hypoallergenic**

Its added value: Very gentle exfoliation and anti-cellulite action

How to use
  • Once or twice a week throughout the year
  • Smoother, more toned and more radiant skin
  • Harmonized and smoothed skin texture
  • Skin is left with no feeling of tightness


  • Rich and smooth cream with exfoliating particles
  • Allows both an optimal application and rinsing
  • Pleasant to use, even for men

Active Ingredients:

  • Wheat Germ oil
  • Hazelnut oil
  • Essential Ginger oil
  • Essential Juniper Berry oil
  • Spheres of Jojoba Wax
  • Seaweed complex
  • Specific Anti-cellulitic and Lipolytic Phyto-Active complex