Reversive Anti-Aging Dual Serum


Babor Reversive anti-aging dual serum is a four-week intensive treatment that features ultra-concentrated BABOR precision formula (Telovitin, Agicyl, Epocyl and Lumicol) to help rejuvenate the skin and restore youthful radiance to the complexion

How to use

Apply the activated serum after cleansing, to the face, neck and décolleté. Keep the bottle in an upright position and turn the anthracite bottle base to the right. Then hold the bottle upside down and shake vigorously. The serum is now ready for use. Apply mornings or evenings to the face, neck and décolleté. Apply to the skin and press in with the flat of your hands, then apply REVERSIVE cream. Should the phases separate, activate the micro-emulsion by shaking it again. The content of one bottle lasts for 7 days and should be used up in this period.

  • Restores skin.
  • Fortifies collagen and elasticity.
  • Thwarts discoloration.
  • Fills in wrinkles and unevenness.
  • Natural looking results.
  • Leaves skin firm, radiant and youthful looking.

Telovitin, Agicyl, Lumicol, Epocyl, Squalane, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sorbitol, Vitamin E.