Acne Spot Dressing


Soo Beauté Acne Spot Dressing (10mm patch x 15pcs, 12mm patch x 12pcs)

These small adhesive patches speed up the drying and healing process of acne spots, absorbing sebum and pus inside the spots. It fits perfectly and matches with skin tone. Also, it creates a breathable protective barrier to prevent further infection and inflammation.

Product Features:

  • Intensive Care: Ideal for overnight treatment, Acne Spot Dressing contains Hydrocolloid adhesive to absorb exudates from acne and promotes healthy skin.
  • Protection: A comfortable sterile wet dressing maintains a moist environment for enhanced acne care. It consists of a hypoallergenic adhesive with an outer impermeable cover film to protect from direct contact with external contaminants.
  • Breathable: The 0.1mm thin-rim patch provides a breathable outer film layer, promoting consistent high rate of moisture vapor transmission.
  • Resistant to water and sweat.
How To Use

1. Clean and dry the skin and hands thoroughly, pull apart the cutting film and remove an acne dressing from the film.
2. Place on the acne area, fix tightly by pressing on the rim.
3. Acne dressing might turns white and swell, indicating absorption of secretion.
4. Leave the acne dressing for minimum 4 hours or overnight, allow it sinks slowly over time.
5. Gently lift off from the edge.

* Precautions: Not recommend to be used simultaneously with other medication. Avoid contact with eyes. If happened, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. Not for internal consumption. Stop usage if skin irritation appears. Store in cool, dry place.