Absorbant Mask


Purifying and softening, this Absorbent Mask absorbs impurities and excess oil, tightens pores and dries up small spots. From the mask removal, complexion is lighter; skin is clear, matte & balanced.

How to use

For oily skin, apply a moderate amount of the mask with fingertips on a clean skin. In case of combination skin, apply only on oily areas. After 20-30 minutes remove with water. You can use this mask as a spot treatment and leave on over night. 

  • Absorbs oil
  • Creates a matte finish
  • Tightens pores
  • Eliminate excess sebum 
  • Purify and soften oily skin

Kaolin: Used by the Egyptians to eliminate skin impurities, this clay has plenty of trace elements that remineralizes the skin. Apart from its incredible absorption property, it favors healing, acts against inflammation and neutralizes excess acidity in the skin.
Zinc Oxide: Obtained by extracting from various minerals, has drying and absorbant properties. It is also antiseptic.
Titanium Dioxide: Titanium Dioxide is a non-toxic powder that possesses astringent and absorbant properties. It is also commonly used as a UV filter.
Menthol: Extracted from peppermint oil and used for its refreshing sensation and for stimulating blood circulation effect. The application of menthol increases oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The end result is a faster elimination of toxins.