21 Day Intensive Renewal Treatment - High Concentrated Vitamin C Ampoules


3 sets per box. Vitamin C spheres and activating liquid for 7 days in every set. Each vitamin C spheres contains as much as 78% vitamin C. The Advanced CryoSafe™ Method from Germany enables stabilization of vitamin C for a long useful life. One simple step every evening will activate vitamin C for freshly produced high-concentration serum to penetrate deep into the basal layer and stimulate collagen regeneration. Skin will appear firmer and smoother in only 3 weeks.


Recommended regime: 3 boxes (approximately two months)

1st box:   Active repair period. Apply every evening.

2nd box:    Reinforcing repair period. Apply every evening.

3rd box:    Maintenance period. Apply every other evening.

How To Use

1.   After cleansing in the evening, take 1 vitamin C sphere and put it in your palm.

2.    Draw 3 full pumps of activating liquid with the pipet and apply it on the sphere.

3.    Rub evenly in circles to activate vitamin C in the sphere.

4.    Apply serum on the face and massage until completely absorbed.


78% Vitamin C: Skin firmness, boost skin luster and refine skin type